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Pitching Machines - Made In The USA!

Our pitching machines say made in the USA. At BATA that doesn't mean the same thing as other companies that are producing “made in the USA” machines.

We use one-hundred percent American-made components. Instead of importing controller boardswheels, and components from overseas and then doing final pitching machine assembly here, what we do is we source every single part so that when you're looking at the electronics, the controller boards, motors, wheels, and even all the steel parts, every single component is manufactured domestically right here in the USA.

By producing them domestically we have a much better chance of quality control. Those are the main reasons we can offer a BATA 10-year warranty.

Our Pitching Machine Wheels

We believe our wheels are the best pitching machine wheels on the market to-date. The aluminum casing is produced by Edelbrock Racing. Edelbrock casts our wheels for us, then they machine them, and we polish them afterward. You may ask, why in the world would do you go to the extreme of having a racing company produce your wheels? Well, the wheels are extremely important to us. They rotate at a high rate of speed and a well-balanced wheel will provide the smoothness that will take all the wear and tear out of the normal operation of the machine, and it does make the entire machine last longer because of our better quality wheels.

The Brains Of Our Pitching Machines

The brains of the pitching machine are the controller boards. It takes the AC current and converts it into DC. Essentially what that does is it determines the speed in which the motor is going to operate. Why does it matter? When you look at the overall function of a pitching machine, the controller board is what tells the motor how fast to spin. On a BATA pitching machine every single notch on the dial adjusts the speed by seven miles per hour. We are sure of that because every single controller board is tuned specifically for the motor on the machine it belongs to.