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Mound Yeti™ 1 Pitching Machine

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The Mound Yeti 1 is a fastball only version pitching machine built for those soon to be “Big Leaguers” just starting out and for those in machine pitching leagues. This machine is an entry level, lightweight, portable solution making it an ideal choice for younger players. This model has variable speed adjustments from 30-60 MPH, with a heavy-duty solid wheel, air pressure problems are eliminated creating more consistent pitches to help these young hitters. The Mound Yeti 1 comes with 2 ball chutes to switch between baseball and softball. The machine also comes with heavy-duty steel legs that are reversible to vary pitch height and a 2 year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dennis Ruth
Mound Yeti 1

This is a great machine. Lots of reps for my son and his friends. I’ll definitely be back when he outgrows the Yeti 1.

The Mound Yeti-1 is in a class of it's own at it's price point. I'd certainly recommend the Mound Yeti-2, or better yet, the BATA-2 with it's industry leading 10 year warranty. I wish I would have had the space and $$$ when my son played. Soak it in!

Steve T
Batting Cages Inc

Robert Evans
Performs well

Working well, using flat seam balls along with Driveline Smash balls. Use at 35 ft, stays in the zone well and is lightweight. For the price it has been better than expected.

Glad you are loving your Mound Yeti-1 Pitching Machine. It is easily the best choice in the market at it's price point. Thanks for your purchase and I hope you and your players enjoy the coming season!

Steve T
Batting Cages Inc.

Mark Simeone
Great machine great value

I bought this machine for our 8u travel team 4 months ago. It's been wonderful since day 1. No issues. Very well made. Very accurate. Perfect for our team needs at a fraction of the cost of other machines. I would high recommend this product. My other son's teams has a jug machine. No need to spend more money for a less accurate machine. Buy with confidence.

Mark, the Mound Yeti-1 is a great value for a pitching machine-especially for young players! Glad you are impressed with the machine as well as how well it's constructed. Hope it serves you well this season and for many seasons to come. Thanks for your purchase on our BATA website.

BATA Pitching Machines

Jason V
Great machine

I've only had this long enough to use it a few times because weather, but it is fantastic. I use 12" dimple balls and it has been extremely accurate. Easy to set up, adjust, and operate and is solidly made. The manual says that softball speed caps out at 55mph, I used it with my 13-year-old daughter that plays softball, and we didn't even get it up to max speed. 55 mph is a lot faster than I thought it would be, but it can also accurately throw pitches much slower for our younger kids, so I think we'll get years of use out of this machine. The company seems to have wonderful customer service.

So glad that you're happy with the Mound Yeti-1 that you purchased. It's a fantastic machine at it's price point. Also glad to hear that you experienced good customer service. We do our best to follow the 'Golden Rule.' Enjoy the Mound Yeti-1 this season!

Steve T
Batting Cages Inc.

Tony Hetzler
Great pitching machine....

My 8 year old son and I love the Mound Yeti. This is a great intro pitching machine. My son loves using for fielding, catching drills. Yeti came very quickly after ordering it, and we have been using it ever since. It can hurl dimple and real baseballs, no regrets so far.

Glad you and your son are loving the Mound Yeti-1 pitching machine. My son wishes he had one of these when he was growing up. He would have seen much better pitches and been hit a lot less from his old man. Enjoy!