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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time for a Bata machine?

Our standard shipping lead time for our pitching machines is 1-2 business days. Transit time will vary depending on where you are located. If there is a delay notice on a product then that will be the current lead time for the product to ship.

What is the difference between the Bata 1 and Bata 2?

Thank you!

Bata 1

  • Max speed of 62mph
  • Can throw fastballs & popflys
  • One pitching wheel

Bata 2

  • 100mph +
  • Can throw all pitches
  • Can throw popflys & Grounders
  • Two pitching wheels

Can I use any of the machines for slow pitch softball?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a machine that is made for slow pitch softball. Our machines are too fast for slow pitch and cannot simulate the 6-12ft arc.

What type of balls can you use with the pitching machines?

Dimpled, low seam, or regular seamed baseballs/softballs can be used in our machines. Dimpled and low seam are recommended since they will be the most accurate and not wear down the wheels as much as regular seamed balls will.  

I'm missing an item from my order. Where is it?

Depending on what you ordered some items might come in separate boxes or be shipped from another location. Take the tracking number that was sent to your email and track that directly in FedEx's website. This will show you all of the packages in your shipment. If all of the packages have been delivered or there is an issue with the shipment then please contact our customer service team (800) 762-2282.

Where are your pitching machines made?

We have one location in Everson WA. We make our pitching machines here in our warehouse.  

What are the requirements for using a generator with the machines?

110 – 120 volt AC output, 400 watts per motor minimum. Refer to the manual for more power source information.

Where can I find the manual online?

Our pitching machine manuals can be found on our Manuals page located at the bottom of the website or click here.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order before it has shipped please contact our customer service team by calling (800) 762-2282.

How do I register my pitching machines 10 year warranty?

To register your pitching machines 10 year warranty you will need to fill out the warranty registration form located in the packet included with your pitching machine or click here. Please mail this to 401 Lincoln St. Everson, WA 98247 or send to

What does the 10 year warranty cover?

Our 10 year warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship errors. Wheels are not covered since they will wear over time (it is considered normal wear and tear). Read more about the warranty here.  

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