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BATA Pitching Machine Transport Kits

Transport kits help make moving a pitching machine easier. While they are already somewhat portable, trying to carry a machine weighing almost 100 lbs (in some cases) is not the most efficient option. These transports add wheels to the machine, allowing you to turn it over and roll it like a wheelbarrow! That makes the trip from storage to the practice field (or cage) go from an arduous trek to a casual walk. Of course, you are always welcome to carry the machine anyway if you feel you need an excessive amount of exercise! The wheels are designed to be out of the way while pitching, so you do not need to take them off while using the machine.

The Roll Away Stand goes a step further, attaching to the machine in place of the tripod that comes stock, and allows you to roll it upright, set it up on location without removing the stand, and when you are done adjust it back to allow you to roll it away! This is especially handy if you want to move the machine around to alternate pitching practice with fielding drills.