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Mound Yeti™ 2 Pitching Machine

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The Mound Yeti™ 2 Pitching Machine is one of the most versatile pitching machines on the market. This machine pitches both baseballs and softballs and includes a conversion kit. The conversion kit also includes a set of shorter legs, taller legs and two ball chutes to accommodate the size of baseballs and softballs. With pitch speeds ranging from 45 – 100mph, this works great for all skill levels. With a quick adjustment, this machine can throw left-handed breaking balls, right-handed breaking balls, fastballs, sliders, and knuckleballs. Speed settings can be set at low, medium, high, or crank it up to bring the heat! The Mound Yeti™ 2 can be used for more than just BP! Angle the head of the machine up for pop-flies or down for grounders. The wheels are made from polyurethane. Dimpled balls are recommended for use. Use of leather balls can cause excessive wear on the wheel surface. The Mound Yeti™ 2 includes the conversion kit, transport kit, and a 2 year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Morris Berry
Yeti 2

Machine working as advertised. We have been using the machine for batting practice and pop flies. So far very pleased with this pitching machine

Thanks for your purchase of the Mound Yeti 2 pitching machine. It's a great machine at it's price point and glad it's working well for you. Hope it's a great season for you and your team.

Steve T
Batting Cages Inc

Phillip House
Great product

My kid was struggling hitting balls at speed he sees regular with this I’m able to get strike zone pitching to him for practice…and the fly balls I can send to out field without hurting my shoulder from swing a bat for and hour. The machine itself is heavy duty only wish it had bigger wheel to roll on across the grass but wish I had this tool years ago.

Glad you are enjoying your Mound Yeti 2 pitching machine. Wish I had purchased one for my sons back in the day. Hope it's a great season for both you and your son!

Steve T
Batting Cages Inc

Great little machine

Bought this for my 10u team. Works well, easy setup and doesn't weigh too much.

Thanks for your purchase of the Mound Yeti-2 pitching machine. This little machine is hard to beat at it's price point. We hope it serves you and your team well. We appreciate your purchase!

Steve T
Batting Cages Inc.

Wanted to like this but do not recommend...

I took some time before writing a review for this. We have spent a couple months with it now and the machine is a major disappointment. First, the instructions for assembly are terrible. It isn’t too difficult, but it isn’t simple and the instructions are almost no help. Second, coming from a Junior Hack Attack, this machine is a major downgrade. The ball chute is a major problem and you have to physically push the ball in to feed it. That might seem minor but it creates major problems for timing and consistency. My son hates hitting off this machine to the point where he asked me to sell it. It does throw gas, but the consistency, accuracy, and capability leave much to be desired. Also, when you use the factory recommended settings, the ball doesn’t get great spin and is more like a knuckle ball than you'd expect. You have to have more separation in speed between top and bottom wheels than they recommend to even get anything close to a regular fastball. Overall very disappointing and I'd say the savings are not worth it to purchase this machine vs. other options.

Hi Louis,

Thank you for your feedback on your Mound Yeti™ 2 Pitching Machine. We're so sorry to hear it's not serving your son well. We would love to make this right. Please reach out to our sales staff at 800-463-6865. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Brook Korthuis

Van Vu
Awesome pitching machine

Wish we invested in one earlier instead of wasting it on private hitting coach. Get tons of reps in. Caution, order the dimple balls to get best results. Balls goes all over with leather balls and very hard to set. I should have order some when I purchase the machine. Had to learn it the hard way.


Thank you for taking time out of your day to review your Mound Yeti™ 2 Pitching Machine. Pitching machines are a great affordable way to get a lot of swings in a short amount of time! We try to recommend dimpled balls for most pitching machines because they are definitely the most consistent. We are glad that everything is working out though! Please let me know if you need anything else in the future.

Evan Fenton
Batting Cages Inc.