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About Us

The very first Bata pitching machine was manufactured in 1986, in John Grygera’s garage. A collegiate ball player with aspirations to make it into the major league, John just wasn’t satisfied with the machines available at the time. John retired in 2017, he never quite made the big leagues, but he did manage to design most of the pitching machines on the market today. The Ryan Express, the Mound Yeti, Atec, Bulldog, the Cobra…and others have borrowed Bata designs since the early 1990s.

Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery. So, thank you!

While many flatter us by copying our designs and using those designs to produce machines overseas, they don’t always copy our meticulous attention to detail and quality. Ryan Express, Bulldog, Cobra? No longer in production. Quality still matters, so Bata remains.

Coach? We expect our machines to last until you retire. Parents? We expect these machines to last until your kids have kids.

We offer an industry leading warranty because we believe in outfitting your hitters with systems that support their growth as a player, for as long as they are a player. When your son, daughter, school or team is ready to put in the work, we are ready to supply you with the appropriate pitching machine or accessory for an ideal hitting experience. Our commitment to quality runs deep. Our goal is to get your hitters in the correct pitching machine system, and batting cage system, the first time, for as long as they want to take cuts. We offer free technical support, guaranteeing everything we sell, and offering custom design to maximize the usage and value to you and your ball players.

Call us. Email us. Tell us about your son, daughter, and team. Talk to us about your needs, and we will walk you through and show you the pitching machine system that is right for you.