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Pitching Machine Balls

Our extensive collection of baseballs and softballs caters to the diverse needs of players, ensuring an optimal experience on the field. Our lineup includes three types of balls designed to meet varying preferences and training requirements. The first option is our dimpled balls, which provide exceptional durability and consistency during practice sessions with our pitching machines. For those seeking a realistic simulation of regular baseball/softball conditions with pitching machines, our low-seam balls are the ideal choice. These balls not only mimic the look and feel of traditional baseballs/softballs but also offer enhanced accuracy without wearing down the pitching machine's wheels. Additionally, our dimpled balls with simulated seams combine the best of both worlds, offering a unique training experience that replicates the authentic feel of seams while maintaining the durability and consistency of dimpled balls. Whatever your training goals may be, Bata's range of baseballs and softballs ensures that you have access to high-quality options that elevate your game.