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Due to a significant increase in orders our lead time for BATA machines is 5-7 business days.
Due to a significant increase in orders our lead time for BATA machines is 5-7 business days.

(12 Pack) LPM9 Low Seam Baseball

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With these low seam balls, your practice becomes just like the game. The ball is 9” in diameter and covered with full grain leather just like game balls. The difference is the seams. These balls have flat seams made from Kevlar so they won’t break, or tear up your pitching machine. The core of the ball is made from cork and rubber so it reacts just like a game ball.

The LPM9 low seam baseballs make practice more like real gameplay. Regular dimpled machine balls don't look like real game balls, don't feel like real game balls, and don't react like real game balls, but we still use them to accommodate pitching machines. This not only makes practice ineffective, but players can develop habits from using dimpled balls during practice only to be surprised by the way a real ball reacts during game time.

Customer Reviews

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Bryan Parker
Good tool

Practice is much more efficient.

Thanks for your purchase! Glad you like the LPM9 low seam baseballs. We highly recommend these for pitching machines to achieve more consistent pitches. We appreciate you taking the time to share your input. Enjoy the season!

Steve T

Mark Stanley
Low profile seam balls for Bata2

Great product. Balls go true enough to simulate a batters zone. We are more than happy.

We highly recommend these low seam balls to best simulate a 'real baseball' hitting experience. Glad you are happy with them and thanks for taking time to share your thoughts with us.

Anthony Scardina
Still waiting

I ordered the cage and net kit which I received but I have yet to receive the balls nor have I received the 2in1pitching machine, the automatic loader nor wheel kit. So of the near 6k I spent, I have less than half the order.


Thank you for your review despite some of your products being delayed in the shipping process. Our website mentions some delays in lead time for some of the BATA products. I did check up on tracking info and noticed you had a delivery on 6/13/22. Hopefully you have everything you need to begin training! We appreciate your patience. Please give us a call if you ever need anything or have any questions.

Evan Fenton
Batting Cages Inc.

Robert Cannon

LPM9 Low Seam Baseball (12 Pack)


We hope your LPM9 Low Seam Baseball (12 Pack) is meeting all of your needs! These baseballs are the perfect combination to use with our pitching machines. We hope you get many great years of use out of these. Please let us know if you need anything else.

Evan Fenton
Batting Cages Inc.

Jesus Gonzalez Molina

Tremendo equipo