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Bata 12in Low Seam Softballs (12 Pack)

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The BATA Low Seam softball is crafted with a durable leather cover, reinforced with red Kevlar stitching, and adheres to official softball dimensions. Designed in line with standard softball size and weight, this ball (12 inches) is ideal for use with pitching machines. While maintaining the authentic appearance and feel of a regular softball, its lower seams make it particularly well-suited for pitching machines, ensuring more precise and accurate throws during practice and training sessions.

What's Included

  • 12 Low Seam Softballs


  • Extends the Pitching Machine Wheel Lifespan
  • Durable Leather Cover to Withstand Repeated Use
  • Kevlar Seams
  • Official MLB Size & Weight Standards
  • Precise Accuracy and Consistency When Used in Pitching Machines