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BATA - 12 Millimeter High-Quality Powder Coating

BATA - 12 Millimeter High-Quality Powder Coating

One of the major differences between our pitching machine and our competitor’s machines is that we use a 12mil powder coating as opposed to a 6mil coating on all of our metal components. With a powder coat finish that is twice as thick, it holds up better to abrasion, it holds up better to the weather, and it'll help prevent rust. Our metal parts will last longer.

On all of our single wheel machines, you have to incorporate a friction plate. One rotating wheel pinches a ball between the wheel itself and that friction plate, while most other companies manufacture that friction plate out of plastic material, we use a polyurethane material. It's a bit more expensive, but the polyurethane will last a long time and it provides a better grip on the ball. If you're looking at throwing a ball with a single wheel machine, our friction plates made out of polyurethane grab the ball better allow the machine to impart more spin so you can produce a better breaking pitch.

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