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Softball Pitching Machines

BATA softball pitching machines are designed to train good habits. Delivering as many strikes as a hitter can want, these pitching machines are a consistent and reliable way to deliver exactly the pitch that a hitter needs. Being a great hitter requires two things: a basic understanding of the technical side, and repetition! Without regular practice, it is very difficult to become a better softball player. If you have repeated the mechanics of hitting countless times, you develop into a more valuable player to any team you join, and coaches notice this commitment. Any team wants to have a practiced and reliable hitter join them, and BATA pitching machines can help make you that hitter.


The repetitive practice that BATA softball pitching machines offer is not limited to just hitters! Coaches can use a pitching machine for fielding practice, sending fly balls, grounders and line drives into the infield and outfield to improve defense skills across the team. These machines are the ultimate tools for coaches to identify strengths and weaknesses of different players, then work to improve them. The coach will be able to help build the players strengths and cover their weaknesses with the help of a BATA softball pitching machine.

A pitching machine has several benefits over a live arm, be that a coach, parent, friend or teammate. Most importantly, the pitching machine never gets tired. It will deliver the pitch, time and time again, as long as the batter desires. Furthermore, a softball pitching machine can deliver strikes consistently, maximizing the batters time at practice rather then waiting for and ignoring wild and inaccurate pitches. A further benefit is that the pitching machine is available to use. It is never tired, or unmotivated, or busy at work, school or another practice. If the hitter wants to hit, the pitching machine is available to ensure they have the strikes they need. The softball machine can be ready early before practice, can stay late, and can throw pitches on all the days when there is no practice at all. Whether for a coach or individual, use of a BATA machine will grow and strengthen the game skills needed to be an excellent player.