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Pitching Machine Auto Ball Feeders

We love our BATA auto-feeder.  It is the result of the question, "How can we make batting practice as easy for parents as possible?" This allows any enthusiastic baseball/softball player to practice hitting anytime they want, without needing to draft in any parents, friends, or others to help.  



  • Feeds balls at 6 second intervals
  • Holds up to 20 baseballs or 15 softballs
  • Adjustable metal tripod stand
  • May be used with any BATA machine
  • Operates off 110 Volt AC
  • May be used with Cordless
  • or Plug-In Remote On/Off
  • 2-year limited warranty

The BATA Auto Feeder will work with any BATA machine, as well as many other brands of machines. Please note that this feeder is designed to feed dimpled baseballs and softballs. You may also use leather balls, however, leather balls, because of the seams, may feed inconsistently.